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"Good job! The project was challenging and the result has been clean coding done with short delays. Thank you!"

Coordinator, MGC Group


Client Spotlight is a Web 2.0, community-based website that provides real estate foreclosure investors (as well as entrepreneurs in general) many of the tools and information needed to succeed in the growing foreclosure investment industry. 

The focal point is the HUD-1 generator, a tool that automatically creates a professional HUD-1 document within minutes based on user input; however, there is also a blog, forum, and library that serve as the community and informational hub.

Although IWS of NO did not work on the original functionality and design of EasyHUD, we have significantly improved the flow of the membership system, improved the layout for better usability, and constantly make upgrades and add additional content & features to the website.

Please visit to browse their website, or visit our portfolio to see more example projects.